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About US

Founded in 1995, Poliplás is the leader in Latin America in the manufacture of adhesives and sealants. Acting in all national territory and in the American continent, present in more than 15 countries. Acting in the most diverse segments of the civil, industrial and automotive construction sectors, Poliplás has lines composed of silicones, sealants, hybrid adhesives and waterproofing agents, thus presenting specific products for each type of application, developed with high technology and rigid quality control . Poliplás is committed to contribute to the process of creating value for its customers, by meeting their expectations and developing innovative solutions.

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Through continuous improvements we seek to shape a management model where ecologically correct is one of our main pillars of action, focusing on innovation, we have developed a line of products designed to meet the diverse applications of the sectors: Automotive, Industrial and Civil Construction, thus collaborating for a more sustainable world.