Technology, sofistication and sustainability are the foundation of our company which consolidates as reference in the manufacturing of adhesives and sealants.

Established in 1995, Poliplás is leader in Latin America in the manufacturing of hybrid sealants and adhesives.

Know our history

Established in 1995, Poliplás is leader in Latin America in the manufacturing of hybrid sealants and adhesives.
Covering all the American Continent, Poliplás is present in over 15 countries.

It has a complete line for the diferent sectors of civil construction, automotive and industry, with a widely range of silicones, adhesives, hybrids, acrylics and waterproofing products specific to each aplication, developed with high technology and rigid quality control.


To Develop Sustainable products to the global market of adhesives and sealants, trough innovative technologies.


To be a major player on the global market, offering high quality products, generating income and social development.


• Disclosure
• Innovation
• Corporate Governance
• Sustainability
• Commitment



Poliplás seeks to overcome the expectations, throught the continuous improvement of the procedures, so we can allways offer innovative and sustainable products.



The Values, Mission, Vision and strategic planning are inside of our corporate culture on a clear way, where are presented to all envolved, employees, clients, suppliers and partners.

Clientes e parceiros

It is a compromise of Poliplás to contribute to the creation of value to it’s clients, trough reaching their expectations and the development of innovative solutions.

This is the main principle of the company focus, to serve the client with emphasis on quality, productivity and inovation, with social and ambiental responsability, and total compliance. It is aways offer precise and clear information, in order to avoid misleading commercial practices.


The Environment maintenance trhough the management that aimsthe reduction of the ambient wastes and the sustainable use of our natural renewable and non renewable resources in our daily activities are part of our corporate culture.

The continuous establishment of bonds based on the principles of courtesy, respect and transparency, are key to the good relation with the communities around, in wich are part of the Poliplás convictions.


Poliplás seeks on a continuous way to invest in the capacitation of our employees, through training and incentives to education, contributing to the social development.